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Step up your game in English

English is the lingua franca of the world and indispensable for education, employment and travel. Education in technology and science is conducted the world over in this global language. Need we say more?

ANAR English for teachers

English for teachers

While a teacher might have excellent knowledge of their subject, ability to communicate in English is an important tool to convey the subject knowledge. A good hold over the language improves the quality of education and ensures maximum student satisfaction.

ANAR’s training will ramp-up your communication skills and help you do what you do best.

ANAR English for professionals

English for professionals

Effective communication in English is key to performing well in corporate environments. It is essential for business correspondence and in dealing with global clients.

ANAR offers focused courses on business communication which will help you be at ease with the tone, the jargon and the expressions used in corporate environments.

ANAR English for jobseekers

English for jobseekers

Good command over the English language helps job seekers in choosing the right career and in acing interviews.

ANAR’s focused courses address the initial intimidation that freshers and young professionals face, sharpening their communication skills to convince interviewers to hire them.

ANAR English for kids

English for kids

Early linguistic development has been proven to be of immense benefit to children and is known to help them learn quickly.

With ANAR, learning English becomes fun and engaging for the young members of our world, all while ensuring a satisfactory learning curve.

ANAR English for students

English for students

Mastery of language brings confidence and comprehension to students, helps them better understand their curriculum and achieve good scores.

ANAR’s tutors are trained to pay special attention to students and help empower them as young learners.

ANAR English for grown-ups

English for grown-ups

Communication in English is useful not just in the professional or academic spheres but in navigating daily life, travelling and discovering the world as well.

Whether to attain functional mastery of English or to step up your current level, ANAR’s courses will help improve your reading comprehension and spoken English for a variety of purposes.

Conversational Learning

Upholding the importance of conversational learning at ANAR

We recognise that listening to a spoken language is a powerful way to learn it. Our classes thus incorporate a conversational approach, whereby you will be able to listen to and speak with a tutor in English and immerse yourself in the language.

ANAR Tuition
One-on-One interactive sessions

No need to sit in a class of many. Get undivided attention with one-on-one interactive sessions and overcome any intimidation you might have.

No general lessons

We recognise that effective learning requires solutions to specific problems instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. Our lessons are based on your strengths and scope for improvement.

Multilingual tutors

Our tutors are multilingual and bring the mother-tongue advantage.

Flexible timings

Our tutors are available between 6:00am - 10:00pm IST every day. You can choose a 30-minute time slot to interact with a tutor

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