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Origin of ANAR

Indian women are increasingly dropping out of work. Despite being qualified and ambitious, women are often faced with a complex web of social constraints and a lack of information which prevents them from reaching their earning potential. This affects not just their personal wellbeing but also that of a growing economy like ours.

We at ANAR EdTech are changing that with our digital education platform. We focus on bringing women the digital advantage and skilling them so they can work from home and choose their own working hours. On the other hand, this benefit is reaped by learners, who get personalised lessons and tailored instructions at a time and place of their choosing. We focus on individuals with a shortage of learning resources, communication barriers or geographic constraints to render them highly employable.

ANAR Tuition

What we offer

To achieve this, the ANAR App offers a two-way digital communication with its audio, video and white boarding tools, so that learners and tutors can interact in real time, share documents and keep track of progress. We pair the learner with the right tutor and make sure that the lessons are seen through to the end.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower women to use our platform as a source of livelihood and provide quality training that responds to individual needs beyond the classroom.

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